Silicone Coated (Impregnated) Fiberglass Fabric

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Heaterk offers specially formulated silicone rubber coated glass fabric, specifically designed for high temperature, smoke, and flame retardation environments, and has excellent oil and water resistance.Fabric width 60 to 150 mm,
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- Performance Parameters -

Test Method US Metric
Temperature Resistance ASTM-D-6413

Cold: -67 °F

Hot: Hot Continuous 1000 hrs.  +446 °F no change

Cold: -55 °C

Hot: Continuous 1000 hrs.  230 °C no change

Breaking Strength ASTM-D-5034
Warp 1500 lbs/inch 267.9 kg/cm
Fill 2025 lbs/inch 200.95 kg/cm
Tear Strength ASTM-D-1424
Elmendorf Tear
200 lbs. 90.7 kg
Fill 150 lbs. 68.05 kg
Flame Resistance
1 second max.
1 second max.

- Specification -

Model Unit Weight Thickness Coating Color Temperature
Metric (g/m²) US(oz/sy) Metric (mm) US(Inches)
SGSN0E 250 5 0.2 0.008 Double Coating Grey, Black, Red and custom 230℃/446℉
SGSA3E 560 11.2 0.43 0.0172 Double Coating
SGSA5E 580 11.6 0.45 0.018 Double Coating
SGDA8E 650 13 0.48 0.0192 Single Coating
SGSS5E 670 13.4 0.55 0.022 Double Coating
SGDS5E 790 15.8 0.7 0.028 Single Coating
SGSB0E 1150 23 0.8 0.032 Double Coating
SGSP2E 1400 28 0.92 0.0368 Double Coating
SGSX35E 1550 31 1.35 0.054 Double Coating

silicone fiberglass fabrics Certification

Fire Resistance UL 94 V0
Convective Heat EN ISO 9151 | B1
Radiant Heat EN ISO 6942 | C1
Traction Resistance ASTM-D-1424 | Warp 1500 lbs/inch Fill 2025 lbs/inch
Flame Propagation ISO 15025 | A1 - A2
Melted Metal Splashes EN ISO 9150 | CLASS 2
EN ISO 9185 | E3/D3
Water Penetration Resistance EN 20811 | 100
Resistance Welding And Cutting Projections 11611 | CLASS 2
Abrasion Resistance ISO 12947-2 | 20-000 Cycles


- Silicone Coated Fiberglass Fabric -

  silicone rubber coated fabric

Silicone Fabric Production Process

Silicone coated (impregnated) fiberglass fabrics are made of fiberglass basic fabrics coated, impregnated or calendered with 

specially compounded silicone rubber on one or both sides. 


Heaterk's silicone coated fiberglass fabric, using E-Glass fiberglass fabric, one or both sides with silicone rubber coating, is resistant to high temperatures. The fiberglass base fabric provides it with mechanical strength. Silicone coating protects sparks and metal splashes generated by welding, making the entire fabric impenetrable to any liquid, gas, smoke, or light. Its flame retardant and heat resistant properties are permanent and can withstand temperatures of 230℃ in continuous and 550℃ in peak operation.



It has a lot of advantages such as high strength, fire retardant, high 

temp. resistance, chemical resistance, none-penetrative, non-toxic and so on. It could be used in temperature from-70°C/-94°F to 




Silicone coated glass cloth is widely used for heat protection and spark protection of objects, surfaces, and areas. Heaterk recommends vertical use, such as curtains; try always to place the silicone side on the exposed site. The flexibility of this fabric can be perfectly adapted to any surface that needs protection, such as metal structures, boiler manufacturing installations, pipes, removable insulation jackets, etc.

Lightweight silicone Fabric

0.2~0.7mm and 0.8mm (single-sided coating) thickness of single-sided and double-sided silicone impregnated fabric, used as high-temperature curtains and barrierswelded slats and heat-resistant sleeves and jackets, rain or spray protection / Rinse high-temperature cloth for making waterproof caps, sleeves, jackets.

Medium silicone rubber coated glass fabric

0.8mm double-sided silicone rubber coated glass fabric is an excellent welding spatter safety , and soft melting metal spatter; it also includes a double-sided coating on very versatile filament fabric. Good weld spatter protection for use as a cold side shield in engine and generator exhaust insulation blanket systems.

Heavy duty silicone coated glass cloth

Silicone rubber coated fabric above 0.8mm is highly durable, usually manufactured in strips, stripes, or otherwise, to protect hosescables, and machinery from extreme industrial conditions. The heaviest heat management fabric on the market, best suited for heavy-duty melt spatter and slag applications.


Heaterk silicone rubber fabrics were certified in 2020 by the UL 94 test (Standard for plastics flammability) with a V0 classification. In 2021, this fabric also participated in ASTM E84 (Standard Test Method for Surface Burning Behavior of Building Materials) with a Class A classification. It also complies with Class 1 classification according to EN ISO 9185 - Behavior of materials under the influence of small molten metal splashes.


silicone coated fiberglass fabric quote

- Fabric Features -


Features of silicone glass fiber fabric 

silicone fabric fire test

  • The flame retardant performance is excellent. Under multiple tests, the flame is extinguished within 1s, the flame retardant performance will not change over time, and it is permanently available.
  • Withstand extreme temperatures,Temperature range 230℃ continuous and 550℃ peak.
  • Completely proof against sparks and metal splashes, impermeable to liquids and fumes.
  • Soft fabric for easy handling and no tearing when cutting.
  • According to the different industries used, the thickness of silicone fabric can be customized from 0.3mm-5mm, and the conventional width is 5-1500mm.
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, it is light-tight and ideal for protecting light-sensitive elements.
  • Resistant to water and oil, excellent stain resistance


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- Application -

silicone coated fabric application


  • Welding curtains
  • Fire-retardant fabrics used to make spark-proof fabrics
  • Flexible flame retardant industrial barrier.
  • Protective curtains for welding.
  • Welding blanket.
  • Thermal barrier used to protect components.
  • Suitable for the production of thermal protectors.
  • Removable pads flange and valve covers
  • Smoke and flame retardant
  • Serve as welding defender, heat protection quilt, foundry splash protection. --Conveyor belt and expansion joints. --Electrical insulation, chemical corrosion resistance, packing materials. --Used for aerospace, marine, chemical industry, power plant, automobile manufacturer, construction, piping and sealing industry


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- Industry -

silicone fiberglass fabric industry

  • Various heavy industry fields, including spot welding, arc welding, MIG, and cutting.
  • Oxygen cutting and plasma cutting.
  • military
  • Construction industry.
  • Metal foundry industry.


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Jan 01, 2023
Dec 29, 2022
Producto perfecto para soldar en espacios limitados yno dañar cosas alrededor.
Dec 06, 2022
I'm using it to make a bullet smoker smoking blanket and it works just fine. It’s just that the freight is very expensive. For 4,000 square meters of fabric, it cost 830 US dollars by air.
Nov 21, 2022
Very fast
Aug 09, 2022
This is very effective for partially covering a thick piece of material during preheating and welding with 9018. It's relatively light. The silver silicone coating does an excellent job of catching weld spatter. It looks durable, but time will tell. I'm thankful there's no fibreglass coming off everywhere like a cheap blanket.