Refractory Bulletproof Woven Kevlar Fabric

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Heaterk brings you high-performance Kevlar fabric: unbeatable strength, flame resistance, and durability. Elevate your protection with us. #KevlarFabric #FireSafety
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Heaterk's Kevlar Fabric: Unparalleled Performance and Versatility

Regarding exceptional performance in harsh environments, Dupont Kevlar stands out as the go-to choice. Renowned for its outstanding capabilities, Kevlar has gained widespread popularity in various applications, including bulletproof fabric, panels, fireproof jackets, and vests. At Heaterk, we proudly offer Kevlar 29 and Kevlar 49 materials, meticulously crafted from aramid 1313 and 1414 threads, to meet the most demanding needs of our customers.

Customizable and Reinforced:

Heaterk's Kevlar fabric is known for its strength, durability, and versatility. We provide customization options for the length and width of our Kevlar fabric, ensuring that it perfectly aligns with your specific requirements. Furthermore, we offer the opportunity to incorporate glass fiber reinforcement during weaving, further enhancing the fabric's robustness.

Advanced Coating for Enhanced Performance:

We employ advanced coating techniques to elevate our Kevlar fabric's ballistic grade and anti-friction coefficient. By applying a specialized coating, we optimize the fabric's protective capabilities, making it even more reliable and efficient in critical situations.

Unleashing its Power:

Heaterk's Kevlar fabric is specially engineered to excel in fire-retardant applications and bullet resistance. We transform the material into high-quality Kevlar sheets through our multi-layer composite process, including vinyl ester. These sheets, designed to withstand extreme conditions, offer superior fire protection and bullet resistance, making them invaluable in critical environments. Additionally, with its inherent flame resistance, our Kevlar fabric is a raw material for producing fireproof clothing, providing maximum safety and peace of mind.

Compliance and Reliability:

At Heaterk, we prioritize quality and adhere to international standards. Our Kevlar fabric has undergone rigorous testing by ISO and ASTM, renowned international testing organizations. It complies with ISO 15025 - Fire Protection, ensuring it meets the highest standards of flame spread limitation. The test results, A1-A2, further validate its exceptional fire protection capabilities. Moreover, our fabric's abrasion resistance has been tested according to ISO 12947-2, utilizing the Martindale method. With a resistance of up to 8000 abrasion cycles, our Kevlar fabric proves its exceptional durability and longevity.

Trust in Heaterk:

As a leading manufacturer in the industry, Heaterk combines extensive expertise with a commitment to professionalism. We take pride in delivering top-quality products that meet and exceed our customers' expectations. Our Kevlar fabric provides a cutting-edge solution that guarantees superior performance, durability, and protection.

Choose Excellence with Heaterk:

Experience the unmatched performance and versatility of Heaterk's Kevlar fabric. Whether you require bulletproof applications, fire-resistant solutions, or any other demanding scenario, our Kevlar fabric will rise to the occasion. Partner with us today and unlock a new level of safety and confidence.
Please contact us now to discuss your specific needs, and let us give you the highest quality Kevlar fabric available in the market. At Heaterk, we are dedicated to securing your success through exceptional products and outstanding service.

Data Sheet
Material Kevlar + Fiberglass
Kevlar Fabric PDF

Temperature Resistance 550°c
Weight 179.7 g/m2(5.3 oz/sq yd)
Thickness 0.279 mm(0.011 Inch)
Color Yellow/Black
3.6 GPa
Modulus of Elongation
131 GPa
Elongation at Break
2.8 %
Thermal Conductivity
0.048 W(m·K)

Kevlar Material Application


  • Fireproof Clothes, Fireproof Blankets,ballistic kevlar fabric
  • Tires, bulletproof vests
  • Aircraft, spacecraft, sporting goods
  • Conveyor belts, high strength ropes, construction and automobiles.
  • bulletproof fabric
  • bulletproof material


  • Fire protection
  • Wind power industry
  • Shipbuilding industry
  • Sports industry
  • Transportation industry
  • Medical device industry
  • Textile machinery industry
  • Industrial machinery industry
  • Music equipment industry
  • Photographic equipment industry
  • Construction industry
  • Ultra-high strength, high modulus
  • High-temperature acid and alkali resistance
  • Lightweight, insulating,
  • Anti-aging, long life cycle
  • Permanent heat resistance and flame retardancy, the limiting oxygen index Li is greater than 28
  • Permanent antistatic property; permanent acid and alkali and organic solvent erosion
  • High strength, high wear resistance, high tear resistance
  • In case of fire, no molten droplets will be produced, and no toxic gas will be produced; when the cloth surface is burned, the cloth surface will thicken, enhance the sealing performance, and will not break