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What Fabric Won't Burn?

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Author : Heaterk
Update time : 2023-01-13 12:09:37

Although no fabric is flame-resistant, some textiles are better than others. Flame-retardant fabrics are also known as refractory fabrics. They are named according the time the fabric takes to burn. Natural fibers or chemicals that resist heat and flame may make fire-resistant fabrics fire-resistant.


Because wool is hard to ignite, it is the most volatile natural fiber. The flames often die within the fiber. Although natural fibers like silk, cotton, and wool are more easily ignited than man-made fibres (though cloth-making techniques can increase their fire resistance), Chemical solutions can be used to increase flame resistance in natural fibers. A material made from natural fibers will resist flames better if it is tightly woven.

Acrylic, Polyester, and Nylon

Synthetic acrylic, nylon, and polyester fabrics can cause skin injuries and burns. These synthetic fabrics can be dangerous, but they are fire-resistant fabrics. They resist burning at higher temperatures than natural fibres. Refractory chemicals can be used to treat composite materials to improve their resistance to high temperatures.

Aramid, Nomex

The brand's fabrics Kevlar, Nomex and Nomex are made from strong, heat-resistant aramid fibres. These fabrics are most well-known for their use as bulletproof vests and body armor for law enforcement officers. Kevlar and similar fabrics are fire-resistant inherently and are used frequently to make protective clothing for firefighters and heat-resistant gloves for glassblowers.

Heaterk's Product Center has more information about fabrics that won’t burn.

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