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What Fabric is Most Heat Resistant?

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Update time : 2022-12-26 15:51:31

With the development of science and technology, the demand for heat-resistant fabrics is increasing yearly, from household to industrial areas. So, What Fabric is Most Heat Resistant?

There are two typical thermal insulation Fabrics, coated fabrics and inorganic fabrics.

The coated fabric is a standard heat-resistant fabric used in many industries. These fabrics are often used for protective purposes by blocking heat. Typical coating types of cloth include neoprene, silicone, ceramic and refractory.

Among the coated fabrics, the most vital high temperature resistant is the vermiculite coated fibreglass fabric, its continuous operating temperature is as high as 1494°C (3540°F), and its short-term operating temperature can reach 2039°C (3702°F). Extremely high-temperature resistance makes it suitable for any high-temperature environment.

Among inorganic fabrics, high-temperature resistant materials have the most robust high-temperature resistance. The heat resistance temperature of silica fabric can reach 1400°C, and the softening point is close to 1700°C.

In protective clothing manufacturing, because flame retardant fabrics must not only meet the characteristics of withstand high temperatures and abrasion resistance but also meet the requirements of non-irritating to the human body, they are often made of aluminium foil on the outside and silicone-coated fibreglass fabric on the inside. The principle is to rely on the heat reflection ability of the outer aluminium foil to reflect 97% of the heat radiation to reduce the overall working temperature of the fireproof clothing.

Heat-resistant fabrics can also be used as thermal barriers, extreme temperature protection, and many other applications.

The Heat Resistant Fabric provided by Heaterk has passed the flame retardant test standard of UL723; learn more about Heat Resistant Fabric!

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