Coated Fire Blanket

Item No.: 00169
Coated Fire Blanket with fiberglass fabric as the base fabric, the silicone-coated fire blanket extinguishes open flames by means of oxygen isolation, while providing protection from high temperatures up to 900F and flaming metal splash.
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Coated Fire Blanket

Basic Parameters
Product Name Coated Fire Blanket
Material Silicone/acrylic/vermiculite coating+glass fiber fabric/ceramic fiber fabric/silica fabric
Color white, yellow, red, brown, black or customized
Thickness 0.3mm - 5 mm
Function Flexible & Soft,Chemical Resistant,Fire Resistant,High Temperature Resistant
200 to 4000 gsm
Temperature Resistance
550℃ to 1200℃
Model Specifications
Model Surface Treatment Standard Package
HGB03 Double Side Silicone Coating ASTM E84 Certificate
UL94 V0 Certificate
BSI Certificate
TUV Certificate
LPCB Certificate
TUV Certificate
HBB13 Double Side Acrylic Coating
HZB13 Double Side Vermiculite Coating
HEGB13 No Surface Treatment Silica Fiberglass
HGT13 Double Side Silicone Coating + Ceramic Fiber Fabric


Fire Blanket Introduction

 Silicone Coated Fire Blanket

There are many kinds of coatings and materials from Heaterk: high temperature resistant, fire retardant, and flame retardant glass fiber fabrics with a tight structure and high-temperature resistance.

A fire blanket is usually more effective than a fire extinguisher for most people when faced with a fire. Welding blankets deprive small fires of oxygen by suffocating them.

To do this, fire blankets are made of refractory materials such as fiberglass. They are also chemically treated to improve fire resistance.

Fire Blanket Optional Materials

(1) Coating Options

Various fire retardant coatings

Heaterk provides fire blankets, including silicone coating, acrylic coating, vermiculite coating, and graphite coating, to adapt to different application scenarios such as high temperature insulation, heat resistant radiation, heat reflection, flame piercing, etc.

(2) Base Fabric Options

Various types of coated fire blanket base fabric

Fire blanket base fabrics provided by Heaterk include E-glass alkali-free glass fiber fabric, ceramic fiber fabric, high silica fabric, and Kevlar fabric.

You can choose any coating to combine with the base fabric to obtain a high-performance fire blanket with a maximum temperature resistance of 550°C-1949°C. At the same time, you can specify the product's adhesive, and we can produce it for you.

Coated Fire Blanket Features

Coated Fire Blanket Features

  • Excellent flame retardant ability and will not burn at all (Class A fireproof material)
  • Precise weaving process and excellent coating technology, utterly non-irritating to the human body
  • Excellent durability, can be reused as long as there is no breakage
  • Wide applicability, whether it is welding protection or heavy metal splash protection, it can be used
  • Easy to process, can be arbitrarily processed into corresponding shapes, and the processing process is simple.
  • Customization capabilities, from size to thickness and temperature resistance, can be customized as needed
Coated Fire Blanket Application

1. Welding protection: Relying on the excellent flame puncture resistance of the fire blanket, it can be widely used in fields that generate high temperature sparks, such as electric welding and arc welding.

2. Car on fire: By instantly isolating oxygen, the open fire of the vehicle is immediately suffocated to achieve the purpose of rapid fire extinguishing.

3. Personnel escape: Heaterk's fire-proof blanket has a precise weaving process, and there is no discomfort in contact with the human body. When a fire occurs, quickly put on the fire-proof blanket to isolate the high temperature and prevent flame damage in the fire field.

4. Household use: When there is an open fire in cooking, just like putting out a car fire, cover the fire blanket entirely on the surface of the fire, that is, put out the flame.

5. Various other oxidant-free open flames appear.

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