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Production Process of PTFE Membrane Structure Material

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Update time : 2022-08-09 17:12:52

The PTFE membrane is processed by coating PTFE resin on the ultra-fine glass fiber cloth (from now on, referred to as glass fiber cloth) by the dip coating method.

PTFE Membrane Material

The glass fiber cloth is coated with PTFE concentrated dispersion through the dipping tank and then processed by drying, baking, sintering, and other processes to dissipate excess water and solvent so that the resin particles are evenly distributed on both sides of the glass fiber cloth.

The glass fiber cloth needs to be impregnated several times, and the amount of resin impregnated each time should be adequately controlled.

Too much will cause cracks after sintering, and too little will not meet the product's performance requirements. The dipping process is divided into two types: single tank type and multi-tank type. Generally, most multi-tank dipping process is used for continuity and high production efficiency.

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